G.IQ for Shopify Plus



Evolving your digital presence shouldn’t be rocket science – even at the speed and scale your customers need. So, Gorilla Group developed Gorilla IQ for Shopify Plus, our proprietary approach to a fixed fee, digital commerce acceleration in 6 weeks. G.IQ enables Commerce-as-a-Product, extending upon the already powerful ecommerce platform, providing you a product that is easily customizable and ready to launch.

G.IQ for Shopify Plus delivers more:

  • Essential launch functionality (e.g. easy checkout, configurable product types, etc.)
  • Key ecosystem integrations* (e.g. tax, payment, shipping, analytics, etc.)
  • Mobile-first, accessible, scalable front-end framework
  • Role-based site administration

*Third party licensing costs associated with platform integrations not included

Make G.IQ for Shopify Plus yours by choosing your launch focus. Curated options add key features and functionality allowing you to select the option that delivers the most impact for your business on day 1. Choose from:
  • Experience - bridge the gap between your brand and your customers by adding key features (Instagram feed gallery integration, custom CMS component, custom button styling & nav icon options)
  • AOV and Conversion - drive more value from customers by guiding them to take desired actions (promo progress bar, promo message drawer, docked add to cart on mobile PDP)
  • Product Storytelling - present richer product experiences, adding functionality like enhanced PDP layout, custom swatch styling, and custom button styling & nav icon options
Launch your Commerce Experience with G.IQ for Shopify Plus in 6 weeks. Post-launch, evolve your experience with our additional products and services.

Get in-market quickly. Test. Learn. Evolve.

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